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The Tree Nobody Wanted:
A Christmas Story

By Tom McCann

Praise for Tom McCann’s books:

The Tree Nobody Wanted: A Christmas Story

"The Tree Nobody Wanted’ is a beautiful little book both physically and in content.  I hope it will become a Christmas favorite.  It is a touching piece.  Excellent.”

Dr. John Silber
President Emeritus
Boston University

"It’s a charming book, even Biblical (“The stone which the builders rejected”), and nostalgic"

William Gibson
Playwright, The Miracle Worker,
Golda, Two For The Seesaw

"Heartwarming...A lovely piece with wonderful characterization....Beautiful."

Vita Paladino 

 “A small jewel. I loved it.”

 Emily Winterson

"A wonderful story for all ages, one that constantly surprises and delights. Tom McCann is an ingenious storyteller."

John Farrell
Author, The Day Without Yesterday

“I loved The Tree Nobody Wanted.  When I started reading it I was not prepared to find it so engrossing and moving. McCann has the storyteller's gift. Simplicity and imagination seem to coax out a fable like truth.”

 Jacques Cartier

"Tom McCann’s storytelling is his strength.  He draws you in to take the journey with him, and you don't want it to end.  Whether you want to shed a tear or clap your hands, it's all there."

Jean O’Shea

 “A very touching and compelling piece.”

 Anita Wornick

“I just read Tom McCann’s beautiful short story. It moved me to tears; it was so touching, loving and beautifully written.  Somehow I felt afterwards that I had been gifted to meet the real Tom McCann. Not the man with the somewhat gruff persona but the tender, sensitive man who guards his extraordinary sensitivity from the coarseness of our desensitized society.”

Rev Dr. Robert Baer

“We were both touched and delighted with The Tree Nobody Wanted. I loved the Brooklyn setting but would have been just as moved if it were set in Portland. The story can be appreciated on so many levels. I could give it to my grandchildren and know they will be moved.  We will never pass the Botanical Gardens without thinking of this wonderful story. Thank you for sharing this treasure with us. It is a gem.”

Sandy Calmas & Dr. Will Calmas

“The world has been waiting for a new Christmas story—one that will be told and retold for years to come.”

Skye Wentworth

"...Very engaging and heartfelt…If something is nurtured it can grow powerful and beautiful....A book for children that adults will like, as well.”

Bill O’Reilly
The O’Reilly Factor,
The No Spin Zone, and Culture Warrior

"Thank you for giving life to this story.  So needed by the world.”

Bev King

"It’s charming and touching.”

Ellen Pfeifer
Former Boston Globe Music Critic

"A little Gem for All Ages.  McCann writes in the final chapter, ‘I believe that all living things have feelings and memory,’ and every once in a while a book comes along that seems to be imbued with life, and that you know has made a connection with you and that will be unforgettable.  ‘The Tree Nobody Wanted’ is such a book.”

Alejandra Vernon
Artist & Illustrator
Long Beach, CA

"A Christmas charmer.  McCann has written a touching memorial to the simpler times and how people made it through tough times with love and caring.”

Barry R. Hunter “Baryon”
Rome, GA

"‘The Tree Nobody Wanted’ is just exquisite!”

Michelle Karol

"First, the physical book is a beauty.  The book is just an exquisite physical object.  The story was very moving.  Just a book full of love and hardship and sufficiency.  And Christmas with Nanny is deeply wonderful!”

Susan Schnur

"Tom McCann has written a heartwarming, touching story about the loving relationship between a young boy and the grandmother who raised him.  He captures in exquisite and vivid literary strokes the true meaning, spirit, and magic of Christmas.  McCann’s story is without a doubt the Christmas story of the year.  No reader can fail to be moved by it.”

Lesego Melepe
Author, Matters of Life and Death

"It is a lovely story, which I will share with friends.”

Miriam Winston

"Never have I read so much on so few pages… ‘The Tree Nobody Wanted’ touched me.  It was far more than a story, far more than an autobiography, far more than a class in humanities.  It was a confession of a good boy, whose life paralleled a small weak tree that grew to great heights.”

Robert S. Mirabito
Massachusetts Aeronautics Commission

"Every Christmas story needs to be sentimental, and involve magic or a miracle.  That’s my rule for Christmas books.  Tom McCann’s ‘The Tree Nobody Wanted,’ a nostalgic view back at an earlier Christmas, meets that standard.”

Lisa Holstine
Library Manager
Glendale, AZ


An American Company: The Tragedy of United Fruit

“…a remarkable tale…compelling…a very personal, very relevant, occasionally even poignant tale of the humanness of a seemingly inhuman corporate world.”

The New York Times

“…hard and cool…”

Kirkus Reviews

“McCann is an excellent storyteller and this corporate history is probably as readable as any written.”

Business Week

“It’s McCann’s skill that he can make the machinations that ensued intelligible even to those of us who don’t know a bid from a debenture…it is some story.”

The Boston Globe

“…a haunting, half-sickening melody of greed, compelling drive, conceit and corrupted values…no fiction can speak with the heavy drama and authority of one who was ‘there’…”

The Baltimore Sun

“…McCann averages at least one outrage per page. What a company!  What a story—corporate intrigue, corruption of governments, plotting with the CIA to foment revolutions, exploiting workers, manipulating the politicians, and the public, and the press!  It is what the movies would call ‘incredible—but true!’…fascinating…”

The Philadelphia Sunday Bulletin

“…a sensitive, though sometimes critical, account of the company…even non-Bostonians may feel regrets for what happened to this grand old company.”

The Harvard Business Review

“…the inside story…a sad, sorry, and full account.”


“…the manner of telling is lively, intimate and candid…”

Foreign Affairs

Earth Angel: A Fable

“A contemporary parable that delivers an indelible message: live life honorably and your true destiny will be revealed.”

Bill O’Reilly
The O’Reilly Factor
The No Spin Zone, and Culture Warriors

 “Everyone will love this story.”

Joe Wershba
Former Chief Investigative Reporter for Edward R. Murrow and
Producer, CBS News, 60 Minutes

“It’s a beautiful yarn…wholesome, inspiring and deeply moving.  It was a pleasure to read it.”

Dr. John Silber
Chancellor, Boston University

 “Earth Angel had particular significance to me as a read this tale of the gallant little fighter plane that couldn’t fly—until.  I really had a tear in my eye at the ending of this lovely feel good work.”

Robin Moore
Author, The French Connection and The Green Berets

“Tom McCann’s fable soars on winds of wonder to heights of joy and excitement as it crisscrosses America—creating a corker of a read for every age and gender.”

James W. Ryan
Co-author, Who Killed the Red Baron?

“It’s great—the best aviation fable of our time.”

General John Haack
Retired, US Air Force

“It is the most enchanting novel I have read in years, a grown-up fairy tale where the good guy wins and the villain loses.”

Elizabeth Shannon
Author, Up in the Park